When I moved to America in May 2022, I had a grand vision for Unveil Enterprises (the parent company of The Aletheia Group). I surrendered that vision when I met a fellow healing entrepreneur – joining forces with him and his company in October 2022 to support the build of their medical program.

During the course of 9 months devoting my energy to another company, I believed that I had found the home for my vision – and I believed in the alignment of my company with theirs.

However, over time, it has become clear that my vision truly needed its home to be within a company that I could direct in a more meaningful way.

My perspective on sustainable human transformation comes from my two decades of being both patient and clinician – service user, and service provider. That brings a unique voice and perspective. It also brings an energy of integrity and an idea of how things “should” be.

That’s not to say my way is the ‘best’ way or the ‘right’ way, at all. It is just my way – and it is the only system and ethos of healing that I can put my name behind and support.

Therefore, after months of internal conflict and deep challenges within myself – and in the world, I took the decision to terminate my contract with this external company and move forward with Unveil – the Academy, Podcast and the Clinic.

As my work is brought back within Unveil, The Aletheia Group is re-emerging as the home for my medical work, clinical practice and healing vision.

More than this, the vision I have held for several years now – about our core team, our somatic-oriented, nervous-system foundational model – has expanded into Aletheia. The world is calling for this work now – and it has been asking me to stand up and own what I bring for a very long time.

Everything we do at Unveil is about education and empowerment. Everything we do at Aletheia is about returning sovereignty and vitality to both the human and the soul of our clients.

The services we offer are deeply unique. The magical wisdom garnered through my own personal years of struggle – and the independent struggles and educational paths of all of our team – is being infused completely into what we do.

And, speaking personally, it feels deeply nourishing to – finally – take ownership and responsibility for designing the wholeness of what healthcare can be – and needs to be.

Watch this space as Aletheia grows and starts to take up its rightful place in the world. And, if you’re reading this, thank you for being part of the journey thus far.

We are honored to be in your world.

—- Victoria Fenton

The Aletheia Group Founder & CEO


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