Initial Coaching Consult


The Aletheia Clinic

Initial Coaching Consult

A full intake session with Aletheia, to include:

  • comprehensive case history
  • in-depth physical, mental and emotional assessment with a view to supporting your understanding and movement towards healing
  • creation of a comprehensive 360 degree health plan post-consultation to support onward healing


A full Initial Coaching Consultation with The Aletheia Group is how we begin your inner healing journey. A comprehensive intake session is designed to set the tone of your coaching container and allow you to establish feeling safe within your work with Aletheia.

During this session, your work with Aletheia is also designed. As our team get to know you, and you us, the natural flow of how you would best be served by Aletheia will emerge. It may be that we recommend ad-hoc coaching sessions, or a container with Aletheia’s coaches. We may also recommend integration with some of our Integrative Medicine services to support your work with our team.

This will be a 90-120 session which is spacious enough for all of your goals, hopes and desires to be discussed – as well as to explore what you hope to work on with our team.

Don’t know if this Service is for you? Book an Introductory Call with us and if you choose to go ahead with any of our services, your initial call fee will be credited to your next appointment/package with us.


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The Aletheia Clinic

Alternative Options

If you would like a little more support, if you have more historic information for us to review – or less – or would just like an introductory session, please select from the services available below.


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