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Our CEO and lead clinician, Victoria Fenton, is also a world expert in Human Design and Gene Keys. She offers immersive, detailed, one-off readings and sessions. You can book here, or learn more and book through our dedicated Human Design and Gene Keys site at Unveil Human Design.


A Human Design reading can change everything about your life – including your relationship to, and experience of, your health and wellness. For more about what Human Design and Gene Keys are – and what you might get out of a reading or session – you can visit our dedicated page at Unveil Human Design. For our clients, we offer this within our Concierge packages – but you are very welcome to book an independent reading for yourself whether you are an Aletheia client, or completely new to us.

Human Design transforms the way you move through the world. With less friction and resistance in the way you move through the world, comes internal peace and regulation. This can only be positive for health and wellbeing, and a reading can be affirming and allow for you to change so much about the way you are that your health transforms along with your perception of yourself.

Experience this magic, immersive process for yourself today with our CEO and founder, Victoria Fenton: a world expert in Human Design, with over 20 years experience and 7 years training with the founder himself, Ra Uru Hu. Victoria is also a friend of Richard Rudd, the founder of Gene Keys and her weaving of this transmission into her work is why she is so effective a clinician.


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